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"The godly people in the land are my true heroes! I take pleasure in them!" [Palms 16:3 NLT]

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10/17/15 - Facebook group name changed to Redemption Florida Fellowship.
06/13/15 - Visited Clermont, FL for States.
05/30/15 - Visited Clermont, FL in preparation for States. Upload photos & Polls widget.
01/23/15 - Updated Resources Tab & links. 
01/02/15 - Group met for causal gaming @ Past Present Future Lauderhill.


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South Florida Redemption is a playgroup based out of Pompano Beach, FL.  We've put together this site as a resource for other playgroups to use, to organize tournaments, and inform other people about what Redemption is.

Redemption is a game based on the Bible using Biblical characters where the goal of the game is to save lost souls cards. All cards have scriptural references and all cities, artifacts, etc are historical. Redemption is a great game to learn more about the Bible and it's historical backing. It was intended for fun & fellowship, it's not some religious practice.

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We're temporarily not hosting tournaments until further participation increases. The Redeemer Webzine will also be put on hold until we can come up with more content and participation increases.


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